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Hotels in Bahrain


Tourism in Bahrain

Bahrain, whose capital city is Manama, is a sovereign state on the west coast of the Gulf. Its largest island, from which the country takes its name, is barely 55 kilometres long and is connected to Saudi Arabia by a 26-kilometre bridge called the King Fahd Causeway. A visit to Bahrain means setting foot on one of the most authentic countries of the Persian Gulf, an important centre of art, culture and handicrafts.

In the city, you can visit monuments and museums, such as the National Museum, the Khamis Mosque, the Al-Fateh Mosque, and the Beit Al-Qur’an complex, which includes a mosque, a library and a museum. Other points of interest are the Muharraq bazaar, Diraz and the Diraz Temple. The list of options—and monuments—is endless. In the streets and shops, you’ll find silver and gold, cloth, perfume and handicrafts. The hallmarks of the cuisine are rice, chicken and spices. To drink, there’s excellent Arab coffee, and for dessert, there are exquisite Arab confections like halva.